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Famous Sons & Daughters

Greenville: Confluence & Influence

Our Greenville/Washington County area is rich-culturally, agriculturally, historically, politically. And it has had a lasting and profound influence on many areas of modern American life.

Music, literature, politics, the economy, civil rights, even modern maritime navigation have all been affected by the people and events that have contributed to making Greenville and the Delta such a fascinating and unique destination.

Angela Jackson - Author
Benjamin Franklin (Ben) Wasson - William Faulkner’s first agent and editor. Founder of the publishing house: The Levee Press.
Bern Keating - Author
Betty Werlein Carter - Author
Brooks Haxton - Author
Charles G. Bell - Author
Charlotte Hays - Author
Clifton L. Taulbert - Author
Dan Guravich - Photojournalist
David C. Berry - Author
David L. Cohn - Author
David W. Beckwith - Author
Eddie Cusic - Blues Guitarist and Singer
Eden Brent - Blues Musician
Ellen Douglas a.k.a Josephine Haxton - Author
Eugene Powell aka “Sonny Boy Nelson” - Bluesmen and Guitarist
Frank White - Kansas City Royals Baseball Hall of Famer and Coach
Gayden Metcalfe - Author
Hank Nelken - Screen Writer/Director
Hodding Carter III - Published the Delta Democrat-Times in Greenville between 1962 and 1977. Author.
Holt Collier - Noted outdoorsman and Confederate scout. He is still known in the Mississippi Delta as the greatest bear hunter of all time. Collier is buried in the historic Live Oak Cemetery.
Jake Ayers, Sr. - Civil Right Activist
Jessie Rosenberg Schell - Author
Jim Dees - Humorist and Author
John F. Harris - Former slave and Confederate soldier, served as a Republican Party delegate for Washington County in the Mississippi Legislature from 1890 to 1891.
John Ray Skates - Author
Julia Reed - Magazine Editor and Author
Kate Betterton - Author
Latoya Thomas - Mississippi State basketball standout, No. 1 overall pick in 2003 WNBA Draft by the Cleveland Rockers.
Louise Eskrigge Crump - Author
Lucille Finlay - Author
Mamie “Galore” Davis - Blues Singer
Martin Marble - Credited with saving county records when Union troops burned Old Greenville during the Civil War.
Mary Wilson - Charter Member of the Supremes
Mickey Rogers - Guitarist
Pat Thomas - Bluesman and Folk artist
Princella Wilkerson Nowell - Historian and Author
Rev. Ezzie Roy Smith - Minister and Building Contractor
Rev. H.C. Anderson - Photographer and Archivist
Roosevelt “Booba” Barnes - Musician and Band Leader
Ruby “Red Ruby” Hall Edwards - Entrepreneur and Club Owner
Sam Chatmon - Bluesman
Sarah Ferguson - Author
Shelby Foote - Author and Civil War Historian
Steve Azar - Country Music Singer and Songwriter
T-Model Ford - Bluesman
Thomas Roosevelt “T.R.” Sanders - Educator, Activist, Entrepreneur and Alderman
Tyrone Davis - Rhythm and Blues Performer. He is one of the original performers who worked the “Chitlin’ Circuit” in the Mississippi Delta for over 30 years.
W. Hodding Carter IV - Author
Walker Percy - Author
Walt Grayson - Author and long-time presenter of WLBT TV’s Mississippi Road
Walter J. Turnbull - Founder and Director of Harlem Boys Choir
William Alexander Percy - Author and Poet
William Attaway - Author and Songwriter
Willie Foster - Bluesman
“Lil” Bill” Wallace - Bluesman

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